80+ Outstanding Argumentative Essay Topics Recommended by Professional Writers

The educational process is a demanding and tiring activity, and it always predetermines writing different texts on both regular and tricky topics. A student is assigned an awful lot of tasks, and argumentative essay is one of them.

This kind of writing is not a simple bunch of sentences structured in an orderly fashion. An integrated approach is needed to compose a well-developed text. As a student, you have to deeply investigate the topic, provide the findings and on the basis of the obtained data take a particular position.

In most cases, the students get acquainted with this type of task in high school or a college. Usually, such an assignment is not familiar with the pupils. It corresponds to the fact that argumentative essay aims to check whether a student has the ability to think critically and develop the train of thought. Furthermore, the professors task their trainees to write such texts to see if they can take a stand and reinforce it with decent arguments.

How to Choose Argumentative Essay Topic with Getwritings.com?

At the first sight, it may seem that composing a text is easier when a professor mentions it in the requirements of the task. You shift the responsibility onto someone else and start following a so-called guide. Consequently, it is more likely that the text will meet the expectations of the professor, and you will get an excellent mark.

It is always easier to execute a task when you have a list of topics to write about. However, you can in no event deviate from it. You are obliged to develop the text and investigate a particular discipline even if it discourages you.

  • First and foremost, you need to opt for a subject you are going to discuss. In most cases, it is defined by the discipline you study. However, your task is to narrow down the range of possible options and find the area that appeals to you.
  • It is better to give priority to controversial topics. Argumentative essay addresses a particular group of people who take interest in what you are going to talk about. Thus, you need to provide them with food for thought.
  • Examine the public you address your text. It can also help filter out unsatisfactory topics.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Even if you are an experienced writer and choosing essay topics is a piece of cake for you, the preparation part is still an urgent need here. It is difficult to compose a good quality text and develop the topic if you put it down without any drafting. There are a few things to help you come up with an argumentative essay that will meet the requirements of the task.

  • Research. This type of writing relies on a profound investigation of the topic. To reveal the issue and convey the importance of the subject, you need to sound convincing. For this purpose, a deep study should be performed.
  • The second thing to do is analyzing the scope of material found on the Web. Even if you make use of credible sources of information, not all the data is appropriate to include in the essay. Therefore, you need to get rid of unnecessary facts or statistics, so that the overflow of information does not harm text readability.
  • Before proceeding with writing, you should make a draft. It will help you keep your thoughts in place. In general, a draft is an approximate outline of an essay. It is similar to the regular structure of all writing assignments.
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The first part is the introduction of the topic. In this section, you as a writer, need to arouse the interest in the issue. It can be achieved through tricky questions, interesting interpretations of a generally accepted truth or even a joke. Then, it is time to take a stand and communicate the core message to the audience.

In the body paragraphs, you go in detail and think over the issue from different perspectives. In this section, it is time to perform the findings and present clear evidence to convince the reader/listener. This part is usually divided into three separate paragraphs, each of which represents a single idea.

The conclusive part allows the audience to refresh the thesis statement and sum the things up. In this part of the argumentative essay, the writer gathers the main facts from the text and introduces them in summary.

Now you are finally at the last stage of your argument essay crafting process. When the text is written, thorough checking is a must. Sometimes, the writers overlook this part and let the things as they are. However, it can severely harm the quality of the essay, and thus the reputation of the writer. Therefore, you need to proofread or at least look through the text to check it for mistakes.

Argumentative essay topics to choose from

  • The up-to-date taxation system does not meet the requirements of the students: what should we change?
  • Is there any form of life left in the world when a person passes away?
  • Shakespeare issue: was it a real person or have we simply worshipped a made-up image of a man?
  • The number of premature pregnancies has risen: ways to stop the tendency in middle and high school.
  • Do we need to raise the wages for CEOs?
  • Do we need all the religions that exist in the world?
  • Is it difficult to enter a college? Do we need to lighten the admission procedure a bit?
  • Is it necessary to assess the performance of a student on the basis of his or her test scores?
  • Can we say that left-handed pupils achieve more in the process of studying? If so, how can we explain the notion?
  • What role does a woman play in military forces?

Argumentative essay topics for middle school

  • Metal music is supposed to cause bursts of violence among the pupils.
  • Do we need to stick to a single uniform in schools? Can it improve discipline?
  • Virtual friends: what can you expect from an online friendship?
  • Punishment as a way to discipline a child: can we justify such teaching techniques in schools?
  • The surveillance through the internet: parents are getting crazy with their control.
  • Do you need a partner at middle school? When is it the best time to go on the date?
  • What movie to watch on a date with a girl?
  • Do you have a right to point out the mistakes of a teacher?
  • The workload in the school discourages the pupils to attend activity orientation stations.
  • How much time is needed to relax from the classes?

Controversial Argumentative essay topics

  • Can we count on the transparency of the future elections?
  • The rise of feminism: possible disadvantages of the movement.
  • The best candidate for a president’s office?
  • Do we have a right to use animals when testing drugs or cosmetics?
  • Corruption has captured each area of our life.
  • Do we need to implement the death penalty? Will it work?
  • Celebrities are the worst politicians.
  • Let’s talk about politics: the British government.
  • Can we consider religion as a trigger for local wars?
  • Do we have to start defending the rights of men?
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Easy argumentative essay topics

  • My favorite actor.
  • Polygamy relationships.
  • Are artists really workers?
  • Do you need a diploma to be a philosopher?
  • Girls are extremely mean.
  • Does female friendship exist?
  • How much time do you need to make a film?
  • The real cause of global warming?
  • The importance of the fashion industry.
  • Will the right choice of literature make a better person?

Argumentative essay topics on social media

  • Consumer behavior has changed dramatically.
  • Is YouTube a real job nowadays?
  • Do Instagram bloggers differ from their image on the Internet?
  • How can we protect our personal data?
  • Are there any options for Twitter users?
  • Do we need to rely on the influencers’ opinions?
  • There is an overabundance of advertising on social media.
  • An online job as an alternative to regular employment.
  • Does a girl need to be proactive in communication with a boy?
  • Social Media dating: pros and cons.

Argumentative essay topics about sports

  • Can we go swimming to train the whole body?
  • Steroids and their usage in sports.
  • Do we need cheerleading throughout the games?
  • The “richest’ sport in the world?
  • The most dangerous kinds of sports games?
  • What if you resort to cheating in sports?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Is it beneficial for children to participate in competitions?
  • Do you need sport to become more disciplined?
  • Can you perform your competence other than in a competition?

Funny Argumentative essay topics

  • Find commonalities in your favorite cartoon characters.
  • Has an invisibility cloak ever existed?
  • Would you like to visit Hogwarts?
  • Describe Hollywood in one sentence.
  • The best way to transform into another person?
  • Why does Google prefer dogs to cats?
  • How would you name the reality show that you were involved in?
  • Is the price for wireless headphones justified?
  • Any Feminism movement for men?
  • Ways to fight corruption.

Argumentative essay topics on history

  • The reasons for the biggest world wars?
  • Did we need slavery?
  • Why did the wars occur so often?
  • The industrial revolution and its implications.
  • Who is to blame for the modern economic instability?
  • Was it possible to prevent the wars on the onset?
  • What led to the end of the Middle Age?
  • The role of the Royal Family in the UK.
  • What can we learn from the past?
  • Has the UN achieved its initial goal?

Art, Music & Movie Ideas for Argument Essay

  • Why you should not enter the film industry.
  • Do we need to pay for art?
  • The absence of plot in modern scenarios.
  • The price of success in the film industry.
  • Is music another form of art?
  • How do lyrics affect the teens?
  • Do we face a weak generation of musicians?
  • The magnificence of gothic art.
  • Should artists be paid more?
  • Hollywood as a cradle for movie stars.


Choosing topics for argumentative essay, as well as composing a text is a complex and time-consuming task. You shouldn’t waste time trying to learn the art of writing, as Getwritings.com can help you perform the best-quality essay on request.